Train the Trainer


The University of Wollongong College (UOWC) and OGM have agreed to collaborate in the delivery of the International Skills Training Train the Trainer Programs. The Program will address critical competency gaps and skills demands for vocational trainers. By developing international quality trainers, this will support the growth of a greater supply of skilled labour for overseas countries and employers. The Program consists of the following IST Courses. For more detailed information, please click on

  • TVET Trainer Course
  • TVET Assessor Course
  • Advanced TVET Trainer and Assessor Course;

In addition to the above, OGM provides all of the following as part of the train the trainer course.

  • Confirming training and/or assessment needs of learners/clients
  • Developing the training program structure
  • Training delivery modes and methods
  • Analysing and interpreting the Indian Qualifications Framework for India only
  • Analysing and interpreting the Indian Occupational Standards for India only
  • Understanding NOS for India only
  • Developing and documenting the learning plan content
  • Developing and reviewing learning resources/materials and formative assessments including difference between summative and formative assessments
  • Developing training programs to suit learner characteristics and learning needs. LLN, Reasonable Adjustment
  • Session Plan
  • Adult learning principles
  • Safety part in relation to the learning environment
  • Presentation techniques

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