Train the Trainer


OGM has internationally certified trainers to deliver Train the Trainer course for your organisation. The course addresses critical competency gaps and skills demands for vocational trainers. By developing quality trainers, will provide the ability for your organisation to train quality skilled labour both for the local employers as well for overseas countries.

The course consists of the following modules plus an additional module on Presenting with Impact

Module 1: Making the Transition to a Trainer

  • What is a Trainer?
  • Trainer versus Teacher
  • Attitude, skills and knowledge of a professional trainer
  • Roles and responsibilities of a professional trainer
  • Seven characteristics of outstanding trainers
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Module 2: Principles of Adult Learning

  • What is an adult learner?
  • Diverse learning styles
  • Identify learner styles
  • Options to actively engage and energize learners
    and appealing to different learning styles
  • Learning considerations for adult learners

Module 3: Training Design and Materials Development

  • Course Curriculum including local requirements*
  • Training for corporate partners
  • Create training materials in-house or purchase off-shelf?
  • Writing proper training objectives
  • Training methods

Module 4: Presentation Skills

  • Getting off to a good start.
  • Preparing PPTs
  • The importance of introductions and summaries
  • How to facilitate a more active training
  • Using your body language and your voice

Module 5: Dealing with Difficult Training Situations

  • Dealing with difficult trainees
  • Getting participants to participate and be engaged
  • Dealing with tough situations

Please Note: Can be tailored to meet the standards and requirements of the country and/or organisation.

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